Fat Dad Fit Dad Survival Workout

Have a newborn? Given up hope on health? Fear the dad bod? This workout's for you! No equipment needed.

Each exercise offers a link to the video showing how to perform, modify as needed.

4x per week, 3 sets of each superset, 10 repetitions of each exercise:

Front to back lunges Superset w/ Reverse Pushups

Pistol Squat (hold on if necessary) Superset w/ Side to side Pushups

Side lunge to curtsy lunge Circuit w/ Cuban Shoulder Press & V-ups

Your health will thank you, your wife might thank you, your sanity will definitely thank you.

Want to know what not to do, and what to do instead? Check out this article for the don'ts and do's!

Find you actually have the time and looking for other sweet exercises to spice up your routine? Check this out!

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Brendan Rolfe
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