Your health is affecting your company’s bottom line

3 small changes can improve your business exponentially

You care about your health, right? And you must care about the health of your business, otherwise you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur. Whether you recognize it or not, the life-blood of your business is you and your employees, and the success of your business is a direct reflection your team’s mental and physical wellness.

According to Stats Canada, Canadian workers took, on average, 7.4 sick days per year in 2015. This means that in addition to staffing, scheduling, and administration costs, businesses that offer paid sick days lost around $1500 in direct wages, per employee. While this may not seem astronomical to the Lay-person, small business owners, who already operate on razor thin margins, can attest to the fact that an extra $1500 per employee may be the difference between paying themselves for the next 2 months or not.

Stressed yet? Yeah, you probably are; which is a big part of the problem!

Additionally, according to a 2007 British study, happier and healthier employees are significantly more productive, are less likely to be absent or tardy, and report a higher level of workplace satisfaction. What this means is that a small investment into your employee’s and your own personal health can pay immediate fiscal dividends.

Here are 3 easy workplace mental and physical health initiatives you can start today:

1) Mandatory breaks…for your employees and yourself – Require and make policy that all of your employees take 5 minutes out of every hour to get up, walk around (or sit, if the job normally has them on their feet), and do something that is not work related, including not talking about work related topics).

2) Emphasize fitness – You may want to sign you and your employees up for a weekly bootcamp (bonus team-building!), bring in various health professionals for ‘lunch and learns’ each month, offer to subsidize all or part of gym memberships, or create a friendly office health related competition.

3) Office plants – Yep, I’m serious. Studies have shown that adding indoor plants to your office not only improves the air quality, but it gives employees and customers alike a better sense of well-being. Start small, and no plastics. Adding a small plant to each employee’s desk will give them these benefits, plus add the calming effect of nurturing. Win-win-win!

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Brendan Rolfe
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