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One of the most common mistakes I see on social media is contributors failing to tailor their content and writing style to the platform they are posting to. By this, I don’t mean failing to use the proper hashtags or emoticons. What a contributor has to keep in mind, is that each platform is representative of a specific audience, for instance, Tumblr’s majority demographic is 13-18 yrs, while LinkedIn is 44-50 yrs. If you think using one writing and presentation style for both demographics is an efficient and effective use of your time, you’re dreaming.

Here is the average user for each platform:

Facebook: 30 year old, urban Hispanic female. College graduate who earns $65K/yr

Twitter: 32 year old, urban African American or Hispanic male. College graduate who earns $55/yr

Pinterest: 25 year old, suburban Caucasian female. Some college courses, earns $45,000/yr

Instagram: 22 year old, urban African American female. Some college courses, earns $45,000/yr

LinkedIn: 40 year old, urban Caucasian male. College graduate who earns $85,000/yr

Tumblr: 19 year old, urban African American or Hispanic female. Some college courses, earns $25K/yr

As you can see, while some demographics are similar (Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), no two are exactly the same, therefore tailoring your content to each is a necessity if you are trying to attract customers of all demographics.

Of course, if your target market is a specific demographic, you will always tailor your content to this segment of the population. What this also means, is that you may want to focus marketing strategies on the platforms that best represent your target market.

The popularity of various demographics tell us a lot about how each segment of the population prefers to have information purveyed to them. For instance, you will notice that internet users under the age of 25 prefer image-based platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, while the 30+ crowd opts for more content heavy platforms link Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is especially unique in that the majority of its users are 40 or above.

Many other useful inferences can be made about the location of residence (urban, suburban or rural – interesting to note is that all are ‘urban’, except for the suburban leaning Pinterest users), education level, and yearly earning potential. At first blush, LinkedIn seems to be the most attractive platform to market yourself or your wears, with an average user salary of $85,000, HOWEVER, it is also important to take in to account the fact that many 40 year old Caucasian urban males have a family, and so this income is not as disposable as, say, the 30 year old Hispanic urban female on Facebook that earns $65,000 per year.

For information on what this content should look like, follow this link to see how you can effectively use social media to market yourself and your business.

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Brendan Rolfe
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