5 times Christian bands made us briefly forget they were Christian bands

1. Collective Soul – Precious declaration

I mean, the band’s name and song title should not only be enough to tip anyone off as to the genre, it should be enough to drive most music-lovers away. But heavy electric guitar, driving beat, and a soul-gripping voice make this song an irresistible addition to your iPod and never fails to make listeners shake their heads in disbelief that Collective Soul is a Christian rock band.

2. Grits ft. toby Mac – Ooh Aah

It’s rap. It’s Christian rap. And it’s pretty damn good. A simple hook, clever layering, and a smooth soulful voice will have you nodding your head and singing along (I dare you not to). Like Will Smith, you won’t find a swear-word in the prose and you can often make out frequent reference to Big Guns Upstairs, but this track will be an instant favourite.

3. P.O.D – Here comes the boom

You can’t go to a UFC event without having a tatteed up pugilist strut out to the in-your-face stylings of P.O.D. And by God, I can’t help but get fired up by the boys from the south, every time they turn up in my ear. A naturally catchy chorus, high volume guitar, and high energy singing/yelling/rapping make this a staple in the gym, a staple in my heart, and a staple on your playlist.

4. Petra – I am on the rock

Do you like classic 80’s metal like Twisted Sister, ACDC, and Def Leopard? Petra fits in like a lacy silk glove. The grainy falsetto, gritty guitar, and titillatingly simple chorus make this an easy hit. Strap on your nut-huggers, whip out your hairspray, and paint on some guy-liner, lipstick and man-blush, this song instantly teleports you back to the golden-age of androgyny.

5. Creed – My sacrifice

Probably the most well-known Christian musical ensemble, Creed was a poster-band for the 90’s. With clear inspiration from the grunge era, Creed features a lead singer with a voice that used to be unique (made redundant by Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Three Doors Down, you get the idea…). In fairness, Creed was the first and could be called the trendsetter. They had a number of mega-hits, all of which were semi-dark, somewhat depressing, and oddly magnetic. Enjoyed best in a dark room, just you and your feelings.

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Brendan Rolfe
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