You're probably a Baby Boomer if...

- you wipe your hands on a paper towel instead of using the blow dryer

- you take the escalator instead of the stairs

- you jingle the change in the pockets of your jeans when waiting

- you jingle the change in your pockets when not waiting

- you actually have change in your pockets (who carries cash anymore...honestly?)

- you use the word "The" and add an "s" when referencing gay people

- you think global warming is a theory

- you put salt on EVERYTHING

- you walked up hill to school both ways, & always in a snow storm (what else are you lying about?)

- you own your home, mortgage-free

- you own your own car, lease-free

- you like your Coca-Cola, sugar-free (because you believe in the word 'diet')

- you believe "Negro" is a politically correct term for referencing an African American (it's not)

- you think that walking is exercise

- you think I'm lazy and entitled - you think everyone without grey hair is lazy and entitled - Get a job you bum! (wait...what?)

- you ski in jeans (yeahhhhh you do)

- you believe lead paint "puts hair on your chest"

- you believe asbestos "puts hair on your chest"

- you use the term, "puts hair on your chest"

- you update your facebook status with your daily routine (you fed your cat HOW much?!?)

- twitter is scary

- Instagram is scarier

- retiring from your job is scariest (clearly)

- "dancing", to you, means pointing your fingers and twisting your hips

- you're annoyed that you had to enhance the font when reading this one (un-pinch your fingers)


Brendan Rolfe
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