Dear Mr. Trudeau: Please don't make us look like assholes

Ok you dancing, boxing, silky-haired sonofabitch, you did it; you swept the country off its collective feet with your upbeat rhetoric, your nationalistic messaging, and your 'gosh-darnit' likeability. You made voters begin to care about Canadian politics again for the first time since 1993, and you may have even driven youth to vote (maybe). Now, don't make us look like assholes. You said all the right things, and backed all the right horses. You appear to be environmentally conscious, socially aware, and culturally sensitive. You seem to be everything your predecessor was not...and perhaps that is your best quality. But while Mr. Harper did not leave you big shoes to fill, your campaign managed to create giant galoshes that you need to jump in to, and hit the ground running with, right away. You have a nation of hope to appease. Like your father, your popularity has reached rockstar-esque proportions. Big things are expected of you; perhaps too much, but this is not for you to decide. Canadians want to see more environmental care, more welcoming and acceptance of other cultures, they want more countries to like us, and yes, more access to marijuana. Basically, they want you to make us Canadian again. A changing of the guard. It is now squarely on your shoulders to give us back what so many feel was taken by Mr. Harper. We are not USA-Jr. We are strong, we are proud, and we are free, but we are also caring, polite, and citizens of the world. Prime Minister Trudeau, you have been elected to be the Quintessential Canadian, no, to be a Super Canadian. And you and your band of 50% merry men and 50% merry women have promised to lead us into a new era. You've promised to be much more than the old guard, and while there's so much work to do, you have managed to give a nation whose pride was faltering, a reason to be proud of their country. You were elected to make us proud. Now, don't make us look like assholes.

Brendan Rolfe
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