Why crowd funders need to go F themselves


I can't tell you how sick and tired I am of seeing these crowd-funding campaigns that are popping up like a mosquito bite at a redneck party. Yes, there are some worthy causes. If someone is fighting for their life against a potentially terminal illness, or is trying to gain sponsorship to bring their daughter over from a war-ravaged country, I might consider (and have made) a contribution. But if you are starting a company, need money for a doggy spa, or would like a plane ticket home for Christmas...Go Fund Yourself! I am continuously irritated by those who choose to hide behind a "social campaign" where they are literally asking for money from their friends...without ever asking for money from their friends, or intending to pay them back. Have the decency to grovel at your friend's doorstep, or at least to look them in the eye while you ask for their hard-earned money. Or how about going to your family the old fashioned way; hat in hand, not monitor in face. I'll be honest with you, I am a sucker for helping friends. If you called me up and asked for help, or had a question about something I'd normally charge money for, or needed a loan, I will more than likely help you out, but disguising your desire for money as almost charitable is reprehensible. Perhaps the biggest slap in the face to your friends, however is starting a business and asking them to fund you. Do the right thing, put together a proper business proposal and offer them a piece of the company as investors. Or, borrow the money with paperwork surrounding a method and calendar for reimbursement. Put your pride on the shelf. Now, let's get something straight. I don't think you are a bad person if you have done this, and I don't want to automatically end our friendship (though you may like me less than you once did), but take a step back and look at this from an outside point of view. Not only am I not getting a piece of your company or potential for reimbursement, but more likely than not, I'm not even getting the satisfaction of helping a friend, because all I have done was move numbers from my account to your account...thanks for coming out. And just for your information, there are many sources of funding: banks, the federal government, credit cards...but you'll have to pay them back...which is why you don't want to go there...and for that I say, Go F Yourself.


Brendan Rolfe
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