3 Simple things to avoid for optimal fitness

"Idle hands are the Devil's playground" - God (I'm paraphrasing...and it may not have been him that said it...kind of like The Bible) Society as arguably more worldly and has a broader knowledge-base than at any other point in history. Society is also fatter than at any point in history. I credit television for both of these revelations. Obesity is not a solitary act; it is habits and tendencies and patterns, and if you want to lose weight, you best avoid these three (man)booby-traps: Television watching - You want to talk about idle hands? The average North American watches an average 5 of hours of television per day...PER DAY! Never mind all of the trashy pop-culture and fast foods ads inundating impressionable minds, this is five hours of sitting on your butt. Rarely do most of us just sit and watch television, no no, that wouldn't be damaging enough. Not only do we sit, but we eat...and not only do we eat, but even worse, we snack. IF we just snacked on healthy foods, the calories would still amount to soggier backside meat, BUT at least we would get some food value. And if "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas. Once you body associates eating and TV watching, you're hooped. Instead, go for a bike ride, play a sport, or have a walk and take a picture of the sunset for your Facebook feed (the 'book eats that sh*t up). Casual drinks - Calm down boozy, I'm not trying to pry the sippy-cup out of your shaky fingers. I'm talking about cutting out a soda with lunch, a juice with breakfast, and a wine with dinner. Sugar, sugar, sugar, FAT. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips (this statement is actually true, by the way. Researchers have found that once fat cells are created in certain parts of the body, the cannot be destroyed, only grown or shrunk...BOOM! SCIENCE). Juice = 100 cals (or more), Pop = 100 cals (or more), Wine = 150 cals (or more). You could cut out 350+ calories per day just by substituting water for these other drinks. Not only could you lose (or not gain) 35lbs per year by making this switch, your organs, muscles, and brain will function better...your choice though, but that's none of my business. Eating out - News-flash, it tastes good because it's been pumped full of fat, salt, and sugar...much like your heart. If you eat out, order in, take out, or get delivery regularly, you are begging for a(nother) freshman 15. The point is, unless the chef's hands are attached to your wrists, you don't know what is being put in to your soup/salad/chicken/steak/fish/rice bowl. Chefs are paid to make your food taste good so that you will come back and spend your money, don't bet on the fact that they have your heart health and your handles (of love) in mind. In addition to knowing what's in your food, you will be surprised at how much money you save, and how many more drinks you can buy for girls at the bar, just so you can go home alone at the end of the night (like usual). It's simple scientistic facts really, and is hardly rocket-appliances. Worst case Ontario? You don't find out about Miley Cirus' new pubic-haircut until you go on your Twitter feed in 3 and a half minutes, you pee more, and you get a Sciatic condition from sitting on a wallet with more nightclub drink-receipts in it.

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Brendan Rolfe
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