Fit-shaming: We are human too

We're here, we drink light beer, get used to it... Fit shaming is running rampant in today's society, and I, for one, will not stand for it! I'll squat for it, I'll crunch for it, and I will definitely curl for it, but I will be a monkey's uncle if I will endure one more sideways glance when the waitress brings me my garden salad with calorie-wise vinaigrette on the side. Pizza-lunch Fridays at work? NO! I have a tupperwear container two-fifths full of quinoa, boiled Tilapia, and steamed broccoli for lunch today, thank you very much. And you can save your snickers and sneers for the sneaky, salty, snow-snakes that don't realize they just exceeded their daily macros and it isn't even 3pm!! Casual beer? More like a casual anxiety attack. Not only am I drinking 150 empty calories (67 if I can order it quietly enough and they bring it in an unmarked container), but the carbonation is leaching precious calcium from my bones...I can feel my bone-density rating decreasing just thinking about a sunny day on a noisy patio...I'll have an ice-water please. No, I don't wear a skirt, and carrying a purse would have nothing to do with my beverage choices. Desserts. Do I like them? No. Would I like them if you told me they were made with all-natural, organic ingredients and scientifically formulated whey isolate protein? Doesn't matter, I can't ever enjoy a mouthful because you won't stop watching me eat it and making "jokes" about how it will go straight to my hips. You're damn right it will go to my hips...and my nips and my lips. And I can't have that. You either have friends or you have abs...I chose abs. What's that? You hate the gym? Guess what?!? I ALSO hate the gym! But do you know what I hate more? Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes...oh hell, and let's be honest, beer bellies, love handles, and saggy [insert body part here]. Yes, I just got back from a workout, but you already knew that, and if you didn't, the fluorescent runners, tank-top and water bottle probably should have given it away, but thanks for commenting. Fitness is an addiction, but we're not hurting anyone. You wouldn't make fun of a crack-addict for smoking, you wouldn't make fun of an alcoholic for drinking, so why is it ok for you to roll your eyes when I am peeling the skin off of my crispy chicken tenders, sans dipping sauce (that I only ordered because the only other option at this stupid "restaurant" was hamburgers...thanks...)? So to all my fit brothers and sisters out there who have been victims of fit shaming, I say to you, stay strong, stay fit, stay classy, and just know that you ARE a good person, inside AND out. @BrendanRolfe PS. This was actually going to start out as a serious article...oh well...

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Brendan Rolfe
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