Ventilated training masks: Are you being lied to?

Unless it's Halloween or you're Bane, you're living a lie. Put down the training mask. Not only does it NOT simulate elevation training, you look like a giant douche. Finally, a September 2015 study done by Sellers, Monaghan, Schnaiter, Jacobson, & Pope, titled, "Efficacy of a Ventilatory Training Mask to Improve Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity in Reserve Officers' Training Corps Cadets", showed no significant effect between groups on fatigue, anaerobic capacity, peak power, VO2max, or time to exhaustion. #science The question is, now that I've presented you with scientific evidence that it doesn't actually help you gain cardio capacity, power, strength, or friendship and admiration at the gym, will you continue to use it? I bet you will...

Brendan Rolfe
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